Gene Zarwell

December 31, 2011 Brief

            Embedded are several documents attesting to my simultaneous careers that are documented in detail on my website that if visited may save several forests and oil fields sacrificed for paper and ink.

            Amazingly, my career began without a job and an unforgettable phone call asking me to come to the New York World’s Fair as announcer and manager for Tommy Bartlett’s “free” water ski show – 6 shows – seven days a week for 10 weeks drawing more than $82 M revenue recovering New York’s 1964 loss in the amusement area.

            Highlighted is my Military service on an interactive Military Bio with access to my collection of OERs over the 34 years from that PVT-1 induction from President Johnson all the way through serving Presidents 37, 38, 39, 41 and 43 plus several Secretaries of Defense Weinberger, Chaney and ASD-RA Stephen Duncan plus as contractor to several CARs and several CNGBs.

            In civilian careers I began as marketing/advertising coordinator at Gimbels in Milwaukee, 1967; from there, 1969, I joined Ken Cook Transnational preparing automated training programs for DoD and several corporations, Mercury Outboard Marine, and Omnilab (creator of the NSA battery of communications security gathering and storage security feeds). Sold that company over-valued to Harry Figgie’s ATO .

            My next move was to The Bendix Corporation as Regional PR representative for 10 divisions and 2 subsidiaries under CEOs A.P. Fontaine, and H. Michael Blumenthal, later Treasury Secretary, from Apollo 11 thru Skylab lll, until CEO Bill Agee sold out to Allied Signal through a failed merger with Martin Marietta.

             During a stint in Michigan I took on an assignment to increase profits for ACO , a 39-store hardware chain wanting to increase its position against K-Mart and Home Depot.  My audit was acclaimed to be their most difficult as my report was truthful and harsh per its Corporate Secretary.  It resulted in a 65% seasonal profit increase that sustained for 5 years at more than 45% growth resulting in the founding Trasker brothers turning over the head office to Bill Aiken, an officer from Ernst and Young, as its CEO and President.

            That transition took me to the Pentagon to develop marketing programs for the CIOR Olympics at Fort Meade, producing a television documentary of this NATO Reserve Officers Confederation, concurrent with my command positions in PA with rank of 2LT 1979 in a major’s vacancy.

            After that accomplishment, Pentagon leadership asked and I responded to create marketing programs after John Kerry’s damming our vets returning from Viet Nam, first by OCAR to produce award winning PSAs to recruit 5,000 USAR troops for units in the 1st Army region – we recruited 10,000+ in 10 weeks with personal visits using my own aircraft (C182R & C172) to fly to the 22 state TV markets and later created a similar program for the 50 NGs raising its ranks from 65 percent fill to 110 percent fill in both Army units and Air Guard wings by training each Governors AG staff in marketing and cohesion among diverse competing staffs for limited flag positions. That challenge went from one client, NGB, to 109 separate marketing programs created by my 9-man team.

            In 1983, I was requested by General Richard H. Thompson to begin a 7-year marketing and identity campaign for Army Materiel Command in between developing similar programs for FMC Corporation, and Chrysler Corporation in Lee Iaccoca’s early days after Ford.  At AMC , our focus was on building co-production and co-defense alliances with potential new market economics for high priced defense materiel.

            In 1989, I decided to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland and was told I could not win.  That prophecy was correct, but I entered 17 campaigns to learn how its voter fraud was implimented – they didn’t report votes as cast but challenged the Republicans to dispute that fact, because state Republican party officials failed to secure funds for that pricey action. It was no defeat, I learned when returning from St. Petersburg, Russia that Sen. Mikulski, Sen. Sarbanes, Atty General  J. Joseph Curran Jr. and Judge Robert Bell had been blocking Republican candidates for more than 34 years; and it was confirmed in 2006 in a very unique sting operation.

            In 1990, I was asked to be the US Director of SofTool USSR 90, the first of 21 to date by then Soviet Informatics Chairman Igor Boukreev on his 1989 visit to DC  to meet with a parent company, Conferences And Expos.  I had 6 months to turn a failing bankrupt project around.  I did with tremendous results. It continued without my having to baby-sit the organization I assembled and trained. Several months later, President Gorbachov saw me waiting at the intersection on 16th and M in DC and stopped his motorcade to touch my ’82 Lebaron  that had a Soviet plaque above a  White House seal below – that bite aired that night on ABC News – U-turn exit stage left.

            In December 1990, I was recruited through a recommendation from Selective Service System to the OASD-RA to create a video tape of "Desert Shield/Storm" for an annual dinner at Fort McNair and two weeks later another version for the "Employer Support Guard and Reserve" meeting in St. Louis.  This project had 500 hours of video tape from the Persian Gulf; and I was lucky to have had a two-week stint in 1986 at CENTCOM with General Christ to prepare an automated brief on proposed operations in Iraq before he moved his headquarters to Qatar. It took 2400 hrs at final audit to complete three versions including "Änswering the Call" a 13 min video for a Paris NATO conference less than six months after the war. I delivered the finished tape to the Secretary as he entered his ride to the airport.

            In the 90s, I developed several companies in the mortgage industry, Home Improvement, Mold remediation, and produced a marketing strategy for the Atlanta Olympic Committee ending their losses mid-first week of the games.  As a partner in creating a Limousine company in DC, I was able to out-book all existing services in the wedding market and even had all 10 vehicles under one contract to President Clinton’s "Second Inaugural" fund raisers. 

            By 2000, It was time for transitioning my scope to other than my fantastic career in the lower 48, through an opportunity to create an "AudiCorder", a computer based program that could compress 17 hours of deposition onto one CD. Judges loved it because original recordings could not be modified. Others didn’t for same reason. I developed it in Australia on a 6 month assignment in Perth, Australia, where conveniently, I was able to test USAA’s International compatibility and interaction web presence in six countries (AU, GER., NL, NZ, RU, UK) ATMs while Enroute to and from clients throughout 2001.

            I have a Profile at as compared with a Resume on line. Additionally, my collection of OER’s is available on my ORB page at and several pages or links will allow you to review the videos produced for DoD and DA on the link on entry page

If this seems a little complicated, It was. Never a dull moment. Most accomplishments, required organization, audits, projections up to 20 years, current financials, and restructuring for greater ROI and expansion into competing markets to balance seasonal or market cash flows Internationally.